I did it! I’m a dip!

Last month, I flew to Phoenix and passed a hands-on test to become a second-level certified CranioSacral therapist. Woo hoo! This is the highest level of certification that the Upledger Institute has, and right now, I’m the only one in Pierce County who has this.

What does this mean? Well, I have been doing craniosacral for 13 years now, and being a CST-D implies that I have the Upledger Institute’s seal of approval that I know what I’m doing. It also means that I can wear the tiara now, heh heh.

Amy Hanson Diplomate Certificate

Will I stop learning new things? No way! I’ve got nerdiness hard-wired into my brain and psyche.

So, book your appointment below if you’re looking for a competent therapist to see if a Certified CranioSacral Therapist in Pierce County can help you with your pain.

Published by Amy

If I were to sum up my life in one word, it would be: Unlikely. I started out in science during the Sputnik era when scientists were cool. Ended up in grad school (microbiology) thinking, "wait, this doesn't work for me." Did science and medical reporting for 8 years. Switched to science fiction when I was home with little kids. Sucked at it. Gave it up in 2005 and worked at a granite countertop company for 2 years, running a CNC machine in the back shop with the guys. Got tired of working in an unheated room in the winter while wearing lots of layers, and went to massage school. The classroom didn't have heat in the winter for several months and now half of us were naked as practice bodies. They fixed the heat. I graduated. Started taking craniosacral therapy trainings. Loved it. Now I've been doing it for 13 years. Still love it. I'm a CST-D now, which is the highest level of certification the Upledger Institute gives. Took me 8 years. I can wear the tiara now, but I'm still learning new things all the time.